Everything is H A P P Y

An second IT.

Lucky 7 is an IT of several Papyrus AU such as Royal Guard Papyrus, Underswap Papyrus, Babybones Papyrus, Cattale Papyrus, UnderfellPapyrus, Mafiatale Papyrus, Inverted Fates Papyrus, Storyshift Papyrus, and Outertale Papyrus.

It has two forms: one as a mock phase, while the other one is the real phase.

Phase one is the time in which you choose which path you want to take: Pacifist or Genocide. In phase one, Lucky 7 appears as a deformed Papyrus made in the style of an amalgamate. Its body is completely arm-less while it also seems to have sunken or melted into the floor to the knees. Its chest consists of a large hole that an eyeball may peek out of. Its head is in the shape of Papyrus's, however with a vertical black rectangle in the middle of its face, blocking out its eyes.

Phase two is where the battle truly begins. This time, the head from phase one extends into a more tree-like form that branch off into 6 small, bony arms, each holding a Lucky 7 head, surrounding Lucky 7 while another arm extends, also half-melted, into the floor. Any head on Lucky 7 may be "active" on its attack phase which is indicated by an open eye in the middle of one. The separate arm extending to the ground may also extend to the attack box during its attack phase.

In Battle Edit

His attacks mostly consist of lasers and limbs, and can combine together and have different variants. During an attack one or more of the heads can have eyeballs that follow the player's SOUL.

His attacks are:

A head that shoots a laser alternating between white and orange

Several arms that jut out of the bottom of the screen, indicated by particles

His lower-right arm that loops around the screen trying to reach for the player's SOUL

A head with an arm coming out of it that reaches for the player's SOUL (if two of them are active and the arms touch, lights will pop up in the two heads and the attack immediately ends)

In order to get the pacifist ending, you must perform a set of actions until Lucky 7 can be spared in a certain way.

First off, in phase one, you must first spare it to show mercy, which will quickly transform it to phase two.